Ayala Bar

With a background in costume design, a keen eye for detail and a passion for materials, contrasts and colors, Ayala Bar designs wearable art, intended to accentuate a woman’s femininity.

Inspired by her everyday surroundings, she creates artistic articles reminiscent of a walk on a beach, shopping at the local fruit market, or inspecting the fine veins of a leaf. To her, jewelry design is a creative transformation of ordinary occurrences into memorable and unique works of art. 

Ayala Bar’s aim is to make jewelry which will be an extension of the wearer’s personality. She challenges the boundaries of traditional jewelry design, as her work crosses disciplines of fine art, textiles and fashion design. A self-confessed bead addict, she obsessively collects found objects from the desert, sea and city.  Her experiences manifest themselves in her stylish pieces which are known for their artisan quality and individuality. 

Over the years, her collections have grown in artistic freedom and intricacy, spurred partly by her own passion and driven by an increasing demand for stand out pieces. For Ayala Bar, the artistic journey is as important as the destination.