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Justine Brooks


Embarking on a nine-month epic solo trip throughout the Middle East, East Africa, and Asia; Justine’s passion for researching stones, metal techniques, and design is obvious. The designer is continually creating opportunities to explore different countries in search of learning more about jewellery from around the world. In 2005 Justine had her first hands-on experience with metal when studying traditional jewellery techniques in India, based in a small Himalayan town called Manali. The Justine Brooks Collection often takes on an international flavour, creating an interesting blend of east and west. The designer believes the ability to explore other cultures is the greatest gift of life.

The silver collection is close to the Justine's heart, heavily influenced by the flora and fauna of the west coast of Canada, where she is based in Whistler. Capturing the ephemeral qualities of nature, Justine casts from real objects such as pinecones and anchovie fish!


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