Once known as the ancient river and life-stream of the Indian people, now revered as the Goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts. Mother of the ancient Vedic scriptures, her connection to water is part of the enigma that surrounds her. “The flow of knowledge is alluring, like a beautiful woman.”

Sabrina Siponen - Designer

As a child, gazing up at her aunts on one of their giant beds, marvelling over the gold jewelry acquired from the East, the love affair began. One by one, each treasure was passed around the circle with a reverence. Of Indian & African ancestry, Sabrina indulges in the vibrant customs of her heritage while immersing herself in the natural landscapes of her birthplace, Canada. This spirit is captured in the lines, formations, & impressions of her designs since 2010. Creative healing through wearable art radiates throughout her work, such as the ‘Flower of Life’, one of her passions.