Special Orders

Special Orders

What does special ordering an item mean?

Special ordering an item means that we would contact the brand to inquire about the item you are specifically interested in and check availability of the product. We usually offer special orders for products that we do not have in store but are able to order in.


Can anything on the website be special ordered?

Not everything is available to special ordered through us. There are specific items offered by specific brands that we offer special orders for.


How long would it take to special order an item in?

The time frames for items to be special ordered in vary based on the brand of the product. Usually a special order item will take a minimum of 2 weeks to arrive at the customers address. Though we do not guarantee a specific time frame for the item to be available and delivered especially around the holiday season.


Am I required to purchase the item I special order?

We always want our customers to be happy with their purchase so for most special orders we do not require you to purchase an item that doesn't fit with exactly what you are wanting.


If you would like to know about special ordering a specific item please contact us at info@silverlotus.biz or call us at 204-452-3648.